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Foundation Rails 2 by Eldon Alameda

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The Bottom Line

Foundation Rails 2 will give readers a solid start in Rails programming, covering not only the basic concepts (the MVC pattern) and basic libraries Rails is built on (ActiveRecord, etc), but goes further to cover testing with RSpec and the process of building a complete application. While there are many similar books on the market, Foundation Rails 2 is a good choice.

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  • All major concepts are covered
  • Behavior-driven Development (BDD) with RSpec is covered well
  • Final chapters Building a Complete Application and Enhancing our Application go beyond the basics


  • Not a comprehensive reference
  • Does not teach Ruby


  • Gets Ruby programmers on their feet fast with Rails.
  • A (very) short introduction to Ruby with A Short Introduction to Ruby.
  • Starting Rails coverage with Touring a Rails Application.
  • Two full chapters devoted to ActiveRecord: Introduction ActiveRecord and Advanced ActiveRecord.
  • Views are covered in Presenting the Views.
  • Controllers are covered in Exploring Action Pack: Understanding the Controller.
  • Finishes off basic Rails coverage with Controlling Our Routing and Scaffolding and Plug-ins.
  • Chapters on Security, Performance and deploying Security and Performance Enhancements and Deploying Your Rails Application.

Guide Review - Foundation Rails 2 by Eldon Alameda

Foundation Rails 2 is a good "first book" for any Rails programmer, just as Alameda's other book Practical Rails Projects is a good "second book." However, what Foundation Rails 2 is not is a book anyone can pick up and start learning right away. Since it only covers Ruby itself in a single chapter, this book is not recommended for people who don't already know Ruby. Though it is possible to use Rails without a good knowledge of Ruby, it's recommended that you start with a book that covers Ruby fully, such as Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional by Peter Cooper.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Making the jump into Rails easy, Member WizardOfOgz

For a knowledgeable programmer who is new to Ruby on Rails I think that this book is a terrific starting point. Many of the great ""out-of-the-box"" features of Rails are covered with a nice amount of depth. The book avoids going too far into things and explaining every little detail, and its examples are easy to follow and learn from. It was a very refreshing book that I have already recommended to others.

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