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Game Programming With Rubygame

One of the more fun projects a programmer can take on is game programming. Whether you do it for work or you do it for your own amusement, game programming is an exciting and rewarding activity. especially when using Rubygame.

Ruby Spotlight10

Combining Arrays in Ruby

There are a number of ways to combine arrays in Ruby.


How to use delegates in Ruby.

Dynamic Method Invocation

How to dynamically call methods in Ruby.

Effective Debug Messages

Using simple techniques to improve your debug messages.

Progress Bars with the ruby-progressbar Gem

How to use the ruby-progressbar gem to display progress bars on the command line.

Using IPAddr to Test Subnetworks

Using the built in IPAddr library to test if an IP Address belongs to a certain subnetwork.


Mutexes are a way to prevent more than one thread from accessing the same resource (variable, file, socket, etc) at the same time.

Thread Pools

Thread pools are a common pattern in many programs: the need to run M tasks, but only wish to run N of them in parallel at a time.


Threads are the primary method of concurrency and parallelism in Ruby.

Threading in Ruby

Threading in Ruby gets a bit of a bad rap.  While MRI doesn't support full threads, only one Ruby thread can be actively running at the same time, other Ruby

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