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A Linux Development Environment on Windows

Many developers are stuck on, required to use or simply want to use Windows. However, it's not the most friendly of development environments. But you can fix this by running Linux on top of Windows using virtualization.

Ruby on Windows the Easy Way: With Linux
While there are many reasons you'd specifically need or want to run Windows, Ruby development generally isn't one of them. While it's possible to write Ruby code on Windows, often the path of list resistance is to install Linux in a virtual machine.

Installing VirtualBox and Linux
In this first part, we'll install VirtualBox and Linux itself.

First Step to a Development Environment
The first step to a development environment? Install Ruby, of course!

Version Control and a Solid Editor
The two most important tools in any Rubyist's toolbox are version control and a solid editor. We also throw in a shell with a good prompt and tab completion (zsh) to boot!

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