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Introducing Redcar


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Redcar's Features

Redcar supports all of the expected editor features, as well as features you'd expect from a modern editor or IDE. This is by no means a complete list, but it will give you an idea of what Redcar can do as of version 0.9.

  • Syntax highlighting and automatic indentation for Ruby and numerous other related languages and markups
  • Indenting and un-indenting lines
  • Web preview for web content. See what your HTML files will look like without even starting a browser
  • Line editing features such as moving lines up or down
  • Convert text to uppercase, lowercase, CamelCase, snake_case, etc
  • Tabbed windows, with other features such as web preview existing in tabs
  • Notebooks, or separate groups of tabbed windows for editing more than one file or set of files at once
  • Open a directory hierarchy in a view on the left for easy project overview
  • Easily switch between files in a directory tree without touching the mouse
  • Full plugin API with a number of plugins bundled
  • Textmate Bundle support, including themes and snippets
  • Fullscreen mode, don't waste a single pixel
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