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The 'self' keyword refers to the object a lexical scope currently "belongs" to.

Session Data
A collection of variables stored on the server and associated with a user.

A socket is a network communications channel used by a program to communicate with a remote computer.

SQL Injection
SQL injection is a vulnerability that tricks a web application into executing arbitrary SQL queries.

A statement is a piece of code that can stand by itself, without having to follow or be enclosed in any other code.

A string is a piece of text stored in a variable.

String Interpolation
A definition of string interpolation as it related to Ruby code.

The syntax of a language is the grammatical rules a program must follow in order to be understood by the interpreter or compiler.

Test Driven Development
A software development method that emphasizes tests at all phases, short development cycles and frequent refactorings.

The definition of 'type' as it pertains to Ruby objects.

Unit Test
A test verifying the functionality of a small portion of code.

Whitelist Filter
Any filter that describes what is allowed, rather than what is not allowed.

XML Parser
A program that reads an XML stream.

Yukihiro Matsumoto
The creator and architect of the Ruby programming language.

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