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How to use, process, parse and manipulate strings in Ruby.
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Everything About Strings
Here is everything you'd ever want to know about strings. OK, not ever wanted to know, but these articles here will get you started at least.

String Literals
The basics of strings, string interpolation, single and double quotes, escape sequences and alternate string literal syntaxes.

Getting and Printing Strings
How to read and print strings in Ruby.

Indexing Strings
When strings are used for output, they're often viewed as single immutable blocks of text. Once you form the string using string literals and interpolation, it often is simply output or stored in a variable to be output later. However, when strings are used as input, they're not usually taken at face value.

Splitting Strings
Unless user input is a single word or number, that input will need to be split, or turned into a list of strings or numbers.

String Substitution in Ruby
Splitting a string is only one way to manipulate string data. You can also make substitutions to replace one part of a string with another string. For instance, in an example string "foo,bar,baz", replacing "foo" with "boo" in "foo,bar,baz" would yield "boo,bar,baz". You can do this and many more things using the sub and gsub method in the...

String Documentation
The official documentation for Ruby's String class.

Using the 'split' Method
String manipulation using the split method in Ruby. Split strings into a list of substrings.

Using Strings
Using and manipulating strings and substrings in Ruby.

Partitioning Strings
The 'split' method is not the only fish in the sea, the 'partition' method is similar but doesn't consume the split string.

Iterating Over Strings
Iterating over a string is not a very common thing in Ruby. You have more sophisticated string tools (such as split or scan), but there are times when you'd want to iterate over the characters in a string. Unicode complicates this matter, but Ruby makes it simple.

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