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Ruby on Rails

Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming possibilities of the web framework Ruby on Rails.
  1. Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails (4)
  2. Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorials (30)
  3. Ruby on Rails 4 (3)
  4. Security (11)
  5. Test-Driven Rails (2)

What is Ruby on Rails?
What is the Ruby on Rails web framework?

Visual Tutorial - Orienting Yourself in NetBeans
When switching to a new IDE, program or environment, there's always an awkward phase during which you just don't know where to find anything. I'd been using the command prompt to run Rails commands for quite a while. However, you just can't do that with Netbeans.

Visual Tutorial - Installing NetBeans
The NetBeans IDE created by Sun Microsystems is often associated with Java development. However, in the past few years, Sun has slowly been adding support for more languages to NetBeans. Ruby (and more specifically, JRuby) is one of those languages.

What is ActiveRecord?
What is ActiveRecord? Why should I use this over SQL? What can I really do with it?

Rails Application Flow
All frameworks exist to make your life easier. They abstract a common task so you only need to write a minimum of code to get a job done. This means you sacrifice flow control, so it can be difficult to know where and how your code is called. This is a description of the path a request takes through a Rails application.

What is a Controller?
What is a controller? In a Ruby on Rails application, the role of the model and view are often much easier to understand. But what is the role of the controller? Do you even need one?

What's New in Rails 2.2?
The release of Ruby on Rails 2.2 bring a new set of features to the table. While release 2.2 is only an incremental release and there are no major architectural changes, there are still some important thing you should know about.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Starting the Blog
Part one of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial focuses on creating a Rails project and scaffolding a basic blog post data structure.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Creating the "Blog Look"
Part two of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial focuses on using the Yahoo! UI library to help make your blog look like a blog.

Rails Blog Tutorial - Adding RESTful Authentication
Part three of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial uses the RESTful authentication plugin to make sure only authorized users can make posts to your blog.

Rails Blog Tutorial - Allowing Comments
Part four of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial shows you how to create a comments table to allow users to comment on your blog posts.

Using rails.vim
Editing Rails projects in Vim effectively.

Agile Development
The principles of Agile Development and how agile applies to Ruby on Rails.

Using Migrations
Using migrations to manage your Ruby on Rails application databases.

Ruby on Rails
The homepage of the Ruby on Rails web framework.

Ruby on Rails Weblog
The official Ruby on Rails weblog. Stay up to date with current RoR developments, discussions and conferences.

Ruby on Rails at GitHub
The official Ruby on Rails source code repository. See the developers at work and download the latest development versions of Rails.

Free Ruby on Rails screencasts showing Rails features and techniques.

Rails for Zombies
Ruby has always had a great, invaluable tool for learning: the IRB prompt. There's even an online version called Try Ruby you can run right in your web browser, no installation necessary! But for learning Rails, there's been no equivalent. Until now, however. Rails for Zombies is an interactive tool for learning Rails basics.

The Rails 3 Way
The Rails 3 Way takes a bottom-up approach to teaching a Ruby on Rails 3.

Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example
Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hartl is a hands on introduction to not only Ruby on Rails but all the related software and services many Rails developers use such as Git, Github, Heroku and RSpec. There are no long-winded discussions on theory or REST or MVC, each and every part of every chapter is a hands on...

Turbolinks Default in Rails 4
Pages request in Rails 4 may server 2 to 3 times faster. How does this work? With turbolinks! Find out about turbolinks within.

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