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Finding Work in the Ruby and Rails Community


Looking for a job as an RoR programmer? These websites are a great place to start.

1. Ruby Inside

The top site for Rails news and that of related technologies,Ruby Inside's job board features paid postings from job recruiters as well as a Web posting round-up of jobs for Ruby and RoR programmers.

2. Rails Work

An off-shoot of Rails Forum, Rails Work offers programmers a way to connect with companies looking for both full-time and contract employees. Employers can list jobs for up to 30 days at no cost.

3. Working With Rails

Not only does Working With Rails have a great discussion forum, but there's also a very comprehensive job board, with RoR and Ruby programmer jobs. Though anybody can view the positions on the job board, you can also joining the community allows you to see jobs local to you and have new opportunities come right to your email inbox.

4. Ruby on Rails Jobs

The Ruby on Rails Jobs site features recruiter-posted, paid job ads. You can filter by type of work (i.e., full-time, contract, etc.) as well as by your particular specialties.

5. Rails Lodge

RailsLodge is a community for Ruby and RoR developers that features news, collaborative documentation and a blog in a addition to its job board. Members can search and submit jobs, which can be searched via cloud tags or the search box.

6. oDesk's Ruby Programming Trends

oDesk has community Web pages for a number of different programming languages, including Ruby and Rails. The pages monitor and track jobs and pay statistics not only for programmers, but also for IT administrators and other related personnel. Statistics are updated monthly and are a good place to monitor the current job trend for Ruby programmers around the world.
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