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Learn Ruby for Free with "Try Ruby! (in your browser)"


What is Try Ruby!:

Try Ruby! is a quick, interactive way to try out Ruby in your browser. You don't need to download anything; the whole point of this 15-minute tutorial is to get your feet wet immediately.

Who authored/created the tutorial?:

This brief interaction with Ruby was created by why the lucky stiff, author of Why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby and creator of Shoes.

What level programmer would benefit from this tutorial?:

The Try Ruby! tutorial is best suited to the absolute beginner, that is, someone just beginning to explore Ruby's potential. It does not go into depth as to all the methods and syntax of Ruby, nor does it teach more complicated concepts. It's simply as it states--an opportunity to try Ruby.

How is the tutorial organized?:

There are 8 short lessons, each giving a simple explanation and example of a concept. Each lesson takes about two minutes to complete.

What concepts are covered?:

In their most basic form the following concepts are explored:

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