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Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails

In this tutorial series, we'll start from the ground up and build a clone of the site Reddit.com, a popular social news site. You will learn how to generate new projects, how to use Git with Rails, including how to branch and merge, and work with some simple relationships between models.

Reddit Clone in Rails Part 1: Setting up
In this first part of the series we'll generate a new project, set up git, and create a dummy User class we'll need for the later parts. We'll also explore the branch-merge workflow in Git, something used throughout the series.

Reddit Clone in Rails Part 2: Posts
In this second part, we'll use the scaffold generator to generate the Post model, view, controller and migration. We won't touch the web interface quite yet, we'll take a look at ActiveRecord relations through the Rails console first.

Part 3: Installing Devise
Reddit isn't much without its users, as all content is user generated. Re-implementing an authentication solution every time is boring, we're going to use Devise to create a canned authentication solution for us.

Part 4: Integrating Devise
Now that we've installed the Devise plugin and generated our Devise models, it's time to integrate the new users with existing scaffolded application.

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