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What is Padrino?
Padrino is a web application framework built on Sinatra. This might sound a bit odd, a framework built on a framework, but one of Sinatra's core principals is to stay small and elegant. While this is good (Sinatra is only about 1,500 lines of code), it does leave a little to be desired.

Padrino Homepage

Installing Padrino
At its core, installing Padrino is a simple gem install padrino command. However, there are a few problems you may run into.

Generating Padrino Projects
Generating a project in Padrino is not quite as simple as "rails new_project". Since Padrino strives for agnosticism, you should provide it with a list of systems to use. For example, you want Haml for HTML generation and Sass for CSS generation.

Editing Your Application and Start the Server
Now that we can generate Padrino projects, let's take a quick look inside them, make it display a page and start up the server.

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