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Markup Language
A markup language is special syntax to define the structure and formatting of a document.

Code made to resemble visually and functionally the code of another language, markup or data format.

A subroutine or function associated with a class or object.

In the general sense, a module is a complete software subsystem that can stand on its own. In Ruby, a module is a collection of methods you can use to extend a class.

A character or sequence of characters used to signify to a terminal or typesetting program that a line has ended and a new line is beginning.

The value 'nil' is used to refer to something that has no value.

An 'object' in object oriented programming languages (such as Ruby) refers to an instance of a class. 'Rex' is an object of the class 'Dog.'

Object-oriented programming separates programs into self-contained modules which can be assembled and extended to create a complete program.

An operator is a method or Ruby feature that takes operands and produces a value.

Package Manager
A package manager is software on a Linux system that manages the other software installed on the system.

The analysis of text to extract a stream of tokens and their relationship.

POST Request
A POST request is used to submit forms or upload files.

A feature in Rails that protects against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Pseudocode is example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation.

Rake is a build program written in Ruby and similar to the make program on UNIX systems.

RedCloth is an easy to use markup language.

An often organizational change in code that requires changes in many other portions of code.

Regular Expression
Regular expression is a specialized computer language for matching strings of text.

A statement that will include the statements from another file in the current file.

RESTful Resources
Rails controllers routed through the resources controller (with map.resources) rather than the CRUD convention.

RPM Package
An RPM package is a piece of software and all related files combined into a single file and intended to be installed on a Linux system with the RPM package manager software.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a Model-View-Controller framework for web applications written in Ruby.

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