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Getting a Page via a POST Request


Although the primary method of making POST requests with your web browser or Mechanize is by submitting forms, you can also manually make POST requests with the Mechanize#post method.

To make a POST request with no parameters, simply pass the URL to the Mechanize#post method.


However, that's not very interesting. To make a POST request with the request body populated with key/value pairs, pass a hash as the second argument.

  { :message => "Hello, world" })

Interestingly, Mechanize also supports multipart/form-data POST request (also known as file uploads). If any of the keys in the hash are IO objects, they will be handled correctly.

File.open('message.txt') do|message|
             { :message => message })

The final parameter to Mechanize#post is a hash of custom parameters, as with Mechanize#get.

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