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Learn how to install and update RubyGems and find out the uses and strengths of specific gems as they're examined in our Spotlight on Gems.
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Spotlight on Gems: Prawn
Prawn is a pure-Ruby library for generating PDF files. From your Ruby code, you'll be able to compose PDF files with any content and of any size. This is not only ideal for generating reports, but also for formatting documentation and providing a portable format for your program's output.

Spotlight on Gems: Trollop
In a previous article we discussed how to parse command-line options with Ruby's default OptionParser class. While this does work quite well, it's quite verbose. Trollop is a great library that solves these problems.

Spotlight on Gems: nanoc
If your site is static HTML pages, what does Ruby have to do with anything? After all, you just write the HTML out and upload it to the server, right? This is the "boring way" of doing static HTML. Enter nanoc, a framework for generating static HTML pages in Ruby.

Spotlight on Gems: Sketches
Sketches is a really cool gem that helps you test out code in IRB. Without a tool like Sketches to test out some code in IRB you can either type it directly into IRB, or save it in a file and load it with IRB. This is what Sketches solves, it will automatically reload a Ruby script (referred to as a "Sketch") every time you make changes to it. This allows you the comfort of editing in your favorite editor and having easy access to the code in IRB.

Spotlight on Gems: Ruby Version Manager
Ruby Version Manager is a new gem that allows you to easily install and switch between Ruby interpreters. This includes switching between different versions of the official Ruby interpreter, including different patch levels, as well as switching to different Ruby interpreters altogether.

25 Gem Commands for RubyGems
The gem command is one of the most used Ruby-related commands. This article shows 25 Gem Commands and their functions.

Adding and Installing Gems from the RubyGems Repository
Learn to search the RubyGems repository to find gems to add and install to your library.

How to Install wxRuby on Ubuntu Linux
wxRuby, a GUI toolkit for Ruby which interfaces with wxWidgets, can be installed on Ubuntu Linux with relative ease.

How to Use the Twitter Gem for Ruby
Using the Twitter RubyGem, making API requests to Twitter is even easier than using the twitter method.

Spotlight on RubyGems: The Simple-RSS RubyGem
The Simple-RSS RubyGem provides a simplified interface for reading RSS and Atom documents.

ShortURL: Use ShortURL for Twitter
ShortURL provides an easy one-line interface to any number of URL shortening services, making it easy to keep to a character count, like that of Twitter.

Spotlight on Gems: Nokogiri
Up until now, Hpricot HTML parser for Ruby has been the fast an easy standard. The Nokogiri Ruby gem can parse not only HTML, but also works with XML, CSS and XPath selectors.

Spotlight on RubyGems: GeoIP
Using GeoIP databases to correlate IP addresses and physical locations using the GeoIP gem.

Spotlight on Gems: TMail
The TMail gem provides an interface for manipulating and parsing email messages.

Parse Time Phrases With the Chronic RubyGem
Use the Chronic RubyGem as a language parser. It will create representations of date and time phrases as Ruby variables.

Spotlight on RubyGems: Cheat
Using the RubyGem 'cheat' for access to wiki-like cheat sheets.

Spotlight on RubyGems: Builder
The Builder library is a Ruby Gem that uses a meta-language to generate HTML, XML or CSS markup.

Spotlight on RubyGems: Wirble
The Wirble Gem provides a number of practical features for the IRB, including colorization, which makes reading output much easier.

RubyGems Manuals
RubyGems User Guide and the gem command reference.

RubyGems at RubyForge
The RubyGems homepage. Download the latest RubyGems and stay up the date with RubyGems news.

The Top 5 Most Useful RubyGems
Five of the most useful Gems and how to use them.

Rails Lodge
A directory of useful Ruby Gems maintained by the community.

GitHub RubyGems
Install RubyGems directly from GitHub.

Install gems on Debian or Ubuntu with simple apt-get commands. Also solves gem and library dependencies and doesn't require you to compile anything.

Spotlight on Gems: Threadify
According to the Threadify README, "threadify.rb makes it stupid easy to process a bunch of data using 'n' worker threads." And it really does make it "stupid easy" to process things from an enumerable using threads.

How to use the ruby-progressbar gem to display progress bars on the command line.

Using IPAddr to Test Subnetworks
Using the built in IPAddr library to test if an IP Address belongs to a certain subnetwork.

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