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Daily Uses of the Ruby Programming Language


Once you have a good handle on the basic features and methods of Ruby, it's time to start using it in your daily life. While for some this may mean it's time to learn how to install Ruby, Ruby on Rails and other peripheral programs, for other beginning programmers it's matter of learning practical scripts and how to perform simple tasks. Wherever you wish to begin, there are many ways a beginning programmer can use Ruby for everyday purposes.
  1. Installation Guides
  2. Test Driven Development in Ruby

Installation Guides

The most practical thing for a beginning Ruby programmer to do is to make sure the most up-to-date version of Ruby is installed on his computer. After you install the most recent version for your operating system, think a little about what you want to do. Game programming? You'll need to install RubyGame as well. Web design? Consider installing WxRuby, Shoes or Tk to create graphical user interfaces. Basic programming? Don't forget to install the RubyGems library.

Test Driven Development in Ruby

You may have heard of Test-Driven Development, but what does it really mean? Test driven development is a way for Ruby programmers to develop software by way writing tests before any code. The, and only then, will you write code and only enough to make the tests pass. Learn the reasons for using TDD, the features of it as well as how to write code using Test Driven Development.

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