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4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language

Compare and Contrast


You may prefer to use Perl, Java, Python or PHP, but do you know how Ruby compares to your programming language? In function and form, features and philosophy, Ruby may have your language beat, hands down.

Ruby vs. PHP

Though PHP is object oriented, the object oriented features of the programming language are not always used. Ruby, on the other hand, was designed from the start as an object oriented language and is difficult to use in any other way.

Ruby vs. Perl

In contrast to the Perl programming language's TIMTOWTDI perspective, a phrase often heard in the Ruby community is "the Ruby way." Not quite a rigid set of rules, "the Ruby way" is a set of conventions used by Ruby programmers to explain the natural way of doing things with Ruby.

Ruby vs. Java

Ruby and Java have a lot in common, beginning with the fact that that both programming languages follow some of the same object-oriented principles. The real difference between Ruby and Java lies in the method of executing code.

Ruby vs. Python

Python and Ruby are quite similar both in their object oriented features and their uses. Both are heavily object oriented programming languages; you can't do much in either Python or Ruby without dealing with objects and classes.
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