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Serialization in Ruby: YAML - About.com
YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) is perhaps the most common form of serialization in Ruby applications. It's used for configuration files in Rails and other ...
Serialized Hashes - Ruby - About.com
There are two very popular ways to serialize a hash: YAML and JSON. YAML is " YAML ain't markup language." It's used throughout the Ruby world for a number ...
Saving, Loading and Cleaning Up - Ruby - About.com
Using YAML is very simple. All you have to remember is that you convert any object (such as our root node, and hence all nodes it points to) by calling to_yaml  ...
Mechanize Error: "Unknown cookie jar file format" - Ruby - About.com
The format should be either the symbol :yaml or :cookiestxt. The :yaml argument obviously instructs Mechanize to save the cookie jar in YAML format, and ...
The Rakefile - Ruby - About.com
The following Rakefile is provided to automatically compile all images from a directory into a Base64-encoded YAML file ready for use. In addition, it can also ...
NameError: uninitialized constant Object::Something
Solution: You've most likely referred to a class or module that doesn't exist. Most likely, you've forgotten to require a gem or library needed for the code to work, ...
Everything You Wanted To Know About Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Building Hashes - Building Hashes digs a little deeper, showing how to build hashes from literals, building hashes from serialized data like YAML or JSON ...
How It Works - Ruby - About.com
At the beginning of any program that uses this data, there's a line that reads $ data = YAML.parse(DATA.read). This will parse the YAML stored in the DATA ...
How To Fix Yml.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors - PC Support
A troubleshooting guide for yml.dll is missing and similar errors. Don't download yml.dll, fix the problem the right way.
Getting Started with Google App Engine: Step 5
How to Verify that the app.yaml File is Configured Correctly.
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