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Twitter and Hpricot--How to Parse Twitter XML in Ruby on Rails
Feb 26, 2009 ... Learn how to parse the Twitter API's XML easily using Hpricot.
XML Parser Programs for Reading XML Documents
One of the most common questions about using XML is "What browser can I use to read my XML pages?" The great thing is that most modern browsers can ...
What Do XML Parsers Do - Web Design/HTML - About.com
An XML parser is the component that deciphers the XML code. Without a parser, your code cannot be understood. Computers require instruction. An XML parser ...
Parsing XML - JavaScript - About.com
Tutorials on how to use AJAX: sans serif font type javascript response type content tutorials open request.
How to Parse XML Files in Xcode (Objective-C) - About iPad
A common task in many iPhone and iPad apps is to parse RSS files or XML files, whether it be for populating an app with data, updating existing data or creating ...
Create, Parse and Manipulate XML Documents With Delphi
Everything you need to know about Delphi and the Extensible Markup Language. Find out about creating and parsing XML documents, look for parser ...
XML Parsers / XML Browsers - Web Design/HTML - About.com
If you want to use XML, you must have a parser or browser. There are many to choose from.
Free Validating XML Parser - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Validating XML parsers are disappearing. Look at some the free parsers still available the offer validating for XML code.
XML Processing Terminology - Web Design/HTML - About.com
List of terms used for processing XML code. Definitions of a parser, validator, document, editors and DOM as they pertain to XML.
Reading and Manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with ... - About.com
Finally, add the code to download the XML file, parse it with TXMLDocument and display inside the ListView in the button's OnClick event handler. Below you ...
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