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What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby - About.com
WxWidgets is a C++ GUI toolkit that can be used to write GUI (graphical user interface)applications. And WxRuby? Well, it's a Ruby binding and wrapper for the ...
Installing wxRuby--How to Install wxRuby on Ubuntu Linux
wxRuby, a GUI toolkit for Ruby which interfaces with wxWidgets, can be installed on Ubuntu Linux with relative ease.
Using and Installing WxRuby--About the WxRuby GUI Toolkit
Using and installing the WxRuby GUI toolkit isn't all that difficult, especially once you know what WxRuby is and how it interfaces with WxWidgets.
How Do You Create a Menu in WxRuby?--Using Menus in WxRuby
Wx::ID_EXIT - This allows wxWidgets to do any platform-specific magic on the Exit option. This includes any icons commonly used on the platform, so it will blend ...
Cross Platform - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
For example the free open source library wxwidgets can be used to develop on. Win 32, Mac OS X, GTK+, X11, Motif, WinCE, and is also language neutral so ...
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours - C/C++/C - About.com
The accompanying CD also includes source code for the 24 chapters plus installable versions of Code::Blocks, a free wxwidgets based IDE. This is not a bad ...
Hello WxRuby World--Creating a "Hello World" Program With WxRuby
Our Expert Recommends. How to Install wxRuby on Ubuntu Linux · What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby · How Do You Create a Menu in WxRuby?
crank - What is crank - Linux - About.com
... a Linux or Unix Term? Find It Here · Don't Be Intimidated By Home Automation · Algorithms in a Nutshell · What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby ...
qt - What is qt - Linux - About.com
About WxWidgets and WxRuby · Kubuntu · Import wxPython · GUI Builder Code For Building a Simple GUI Application · Linux Packages. Ads. &ensp. &ensp ...
tmake - What is tmake - Linux - About.com
... Unix Term? Find It Here · Linux Network Administrators Guide · What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby · 8 Easy Ways to Find Open Source Software ...
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