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Using and Installing WxRuby--About the WxRuby GUI Toolkit
Using and installing the WxRuby GUI toolkit isn't all that difficult, especially once you know what WxRuby is and how it interfaces with WxWidgets.
Hello WxRuby World--Creating a "Hello World" Program With WxRuby
To get started in WxRuby, first look at this "Hello world" program. It's a simple program that displays an empty window. It shows a little about how WxRuby works, ...
Using WxRuby--Adding a Status Bar in WxRuby - About.com
Adding a status bar to your WxRuby applications is very easy, and can be done with just a few lines of code. Adding a StatusBar object to a Frame is done in ...
How Do You Create a Menu in WxRuby?--Using Menus in WxRuby
Menus are relatively easy to create and use in wxRuby, you only need to create a Wx::MenuBar object to hold all of the menus, and a number of Wx::Menu ...
Arranging Widgets in WxRuby--Using WxRuby Layout Managers
WxRuby provides two ways to arrange widgets in your applications: by using absolute positioning or by using layout managers called sizers. When using ...
What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby - About.com
WxWidgets is a C++ GUI toolkit that can be used to write GUI (graphical user interface)applications. And WxRuby? Well, it's a Ruby binding and wrapper for the ...
Installing wxRuby--How to Install wxRuby on Ubuntu Linux
Installing wxRuby on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 isn't all that difficult to do. It could, in fact, be a lot harder than it is. Like with all gems that require native extensions it is ...
Practical Ruby - About.com
Consider installing WxRuby, Shoes or Tk to create graphical user interfaces. Basic programming? Don't forget to install the RubyGems library. Installing Ruby:  ...
Microsoft Outlook: menu, partial menu, double arrow - AllExperts
Mar 27, 2006 ... ... With Word's Personalized Menus · How Do You Create a Menu in WxRuby?--Using Menus in WxRuby · Double Bar Menu JavaScript ...
qt - What is qt - Linux - About.com
An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 Reviewed · What is WxRuby? About WxWidgets and WxRuby · Kubuntu · Import wxPython · GUI Builder Code ...
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