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Web Widgets - Web Trends - About.com
An article explaining what web widgets are and how a web widget can be used including an explanation of how to add them to your website, blog, ...
Widget Guide - How To Get Started With Widgets - Web Trends
When a person or a website refers to a widget, they are commonly referring either to a web widget or a desktop widget. While these two things sound the same, ...
Widgetbox - Widgets Made Simple - A Database of Widgets
Widgetbox is a widget syndication site that makes it easy to find fun or useful widgets and automates the installation of the widget onto many different sites like  ...
What Is a 'Web Widget'? - Definition & Examples
Web widgets are small programs embedded directly into web pages. They are quite useful, and some users build entire home pages with them. About.com ...
List of the Top Widget Galleries and Providers
Widgets can spice up your web life by adding fun and utility to personalized start pages, blogs, and social networking profiles, but they cannot spice up your web ...
The Definition of an Android Widget - Google - About.com
This screen has three different widgets. The top two are Motorola widgets specific to the DROID X, and the bottom is the New York Times widget available from ...
Widgets vs. Gadgets: What's the Difference? - Web Trends - About.com
An article explaining the difference between a web widget and a gadget.
Blog Widgets - 10 Fun Widgets For Your Blog
Blog widgets can be productive and provide utility. They can also be very entertaining. These fun widgets are sure to entertain your readers and allow you to ...
7 Useful Twitter Widgets - Web Trends - About.com
... you get the most out of it? These Twitter widgets will let you port your tweets to your blog or Facebook profile and even put a retweet badge on your blog entries.
Widgets - How to Copy Widget Code In Two Easy Steps - Widget ...
A how-to article on copying widget code to the clipboard in two easy steps.
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