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Tk Widgets - Ruby - About.com
We'll begin by first adding widgets, then arranging them using the packing algorithm, and finally tying it all together by making the button add the numbers and ...
Mac Performance Tips – Reduce or Eliminate Widgets - About.com
Reduce or Eliminate Widgets: Apple introduced Dashboard and widgets with Tiger (OS X 10.4). Widgets can be helpful little applications; they can display the  ...
Widgets on Your Mac Desktop - About.com
One of the cool features of OS X is the Dashboard, a special environment where widgets, those mini-applications designed to perform a single task, reside.
Job Search Tools, Widgets, and Gadgets - Job Searching - About.com
There are widgets, gadgets, and tools that will help expedite your job search and manage your career. If you're actively job hunting, you can add an application ...
Create a Weather Widget For Your Mac With Safari - About.com
Widgets, those wonderfully simple mini-applications that run under OS X's Dashboard, are great examples of programs that do one thing very well. You can wait ...
Web Widgets - Web and Social Media Trends - About.com
An article explaining what web widgets are and how a web widget can be used including an explanation of how to add them to your website, blog, ...
Great News Web Widgets to Jazz Up Your Blog or Website
A web widget can do just that. What Are Web Widgets? Web widgets are simply little pieces of code that you can copy and paste into your website, blog or social  ...
Widget Guide - How To Get Started With Widgets
When a person or a website refers to a widget, they are commonly referring either to a web widget or a desktop widget. While these two things sound the same, ...
How to Add Widgets to Your Android Home Screen
Widgets provide a quick look at an installed app with access to streaming information, settings and a shortcut to launch the program. Having widgets on your ...
What is a WordPress Widget? - Content Management Systems
Explains where WordPress widgets come from, and how to add them to your site.
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