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Web Widgets - Web Trends - About.com
An article explaining what web widgets are and how a web widget can be used including an explanation of how to add them to your website, blog, ...
Widget Guide - How To Get Started With Widgets - Web Trends
Whether it is a personal website or a business website, widgets can enhance productivity or just add a little fun to your site. A common example of a widget on a ...
Widgetbox - Widgets Made Simple - A Database of Widgets
Widgetbox is a widget syndication site that makes it easy to find fun or useful widgets and automates the installation of the widget onto many different sites like  ...
Introduction to Blog Widgets - Blogging - About.com
Blog widgets enable bloggers to add cool features, useful functions, and more to their blogs in an easy way. By definition, a blog widget is a type of web widget ...
Blog Widgets - 10 Fun Widgets For Your Blog
Blog widgets can be productive and provide utility. They can also be very entertaining. These fun widgets are sure to entertain your readers and allow you to ...
Widgets vs. Gadgets: What's the Difference? - Web Trends - About.com
From portals to blogs to widgets to mashups to Web 2.0, the Internet has a knack for lighting these words on fire. And the worst part is that sometimes the word ...
The Definition of an Android Widget - Google - About.com
Android widgets are mini apps that run on your Home screen.
How to Add Widgets to Your Android Home Screen
Widgets provide a quick look at an installed app with access to streaming information, settings and a shortcut to launch the program. Having widgets on your ...
Widgets - What is the Difference Between a Web Widget - Web Trends
Widgets are one of the most confusing areas of Web 2.0. Not only is the term " widget" used to refer to desktop and web-based widgets, but the word "gadget" is  ...
What Is a 'Web Widget'? - Definition & Examples
Web widgets are small programs embedded directly into web pages. They are quite useful, and some users build entire home pages with them. About.com ...
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