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How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
Loops, including while and include loops, are one of the most commonly used constructs in computer programs.
Loops - Ruby - About.com
Ruby has more to offer than the typical 'for' and 'while' type loops. It even has more to offer than generics-style container iterators. Ruby has a very diverse and  ...
The WHILE Loop - JavaScript - About.com
The while loop is even easier to use than the for loop. ... In the depths of Winter I finally... See More About. while loops · javascript loops · repeating javascript ...
WHILE Loops - About Python
The while loop simply tells the computer to do something as long as the condition is met. Its syntax looks like this: while : That's it ...
How to write bash WHILE-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing WHILE-loops in a bash shell.
PHP While () Loop Tutorial - Intro to Loops in PHP - PHP/MySQL
Learn to use the three types of loops - WHILE, FOR, and FOREACH loops in PHP programing to process data.
For Loops - While Loops - Switch Loops - PHP/MySQL - About.com
A loop is a series of commands that will continue to repeat over and over again untill a condition is met. Learn about different types of loops in PHP.
Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming - About.com
Delphi has three kinds of control loop: repeat statements, while statements, and for statements. Learn how to use loops in Delphi programming.
While and Do While Loop Statements - C Tutorial
Looping doesn't get much simpler than while. The most important thing to know with while loops is that the control expression is evaluated before the statement ...
How to write bash FOR-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing FOR-loops in a bash shell. ... In some cases it is more suitable to use a while-loop instead of a for-loop. The following ...
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