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How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
Loops, including while and include loops, are one of the most commonly used constructs in computer programs.
Loops - Ruby - About.com
Ruby has more to offer than the typical 'for' and 'while' type loops. It even has more to offer than generics-style container iterators. Ruby has a very diverse and  ...
The WHILE Loop - JavaScript - About.com
The while loop is even easier to use than the for loop. ... In the depths of Winter I finally... See More About. while loops · javascript loops · repeating javascript ...
WHILE Loops - About Python
The while loop simply tells the computer to do something as long as the condition is met. Its syntax looks like this: while : That's it ...
How to write bash WHILE-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing WHILE-loops in a bash shell.
PHP While () Loop Tutorial - Intro to Loops in PHP - PHP/MySQL
Learn to use the three types of loops - WHILE, FOR, and FOREACH loops in PHP programing to process data.
For Loops - While Loops - Switch Loops - PHP/MySQL - About.com
A loop is a series of commands that will continue to repeat over and over again untill a condition is met. Learn about different types of loops in PHP.
Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming - About.com
Delphi has three kinds of control loop: repeat statements, while statements, and for statements. Learn how to use loops in Delphi programming.
While and Do While Loop Statements - C Tutorial
Looping doesn't get much simpler than while. The most important thing to know with while loops is that the control expression is evaluated before the statement ...
IF...ELIF...ELSE Loops - Part 1 - About Python
The following templates and examples illustrate how these two loops are written: if : ... A Simple (and Helpful) iPhone Trick While Recording Video.
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