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Using the Git Version Control Tool with Ruby - About.com
While Git is not written in Ruby, nor is it a tool used exclusively by Rubyists, Git is the source code version control software used by many Rubyists. Git and Ruby ...
Using Git With Ruby on Rails - About.com
Git is the most popular version control system for use with Ruby on Rails. There are others, but Git is probably the easiest, certainly capable, and most Rails ...
Getting Started With Bundler for Ruby Gems - About.com
If you are using a later version of Bundler, the commands and code here may or may .... So make sure you check this file into version control so other developers  ...
Version Control System- Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
A Version Control System (VCS) is an application, desktop or web-based that lets developers keep their source code and binary and resource files stored away ...
Microsoft Word -- Working With Versions of Your Documents
When you store a version of your document using the versions feature, you can access previous versions, delete any of the versions stored with your document, ...
What is a Version Control System? - C/C++/C - About.com
A beginners guide to a typical version control system (vcs) with examples of terminology used.
The Importance Of Version Control Management In ... - Game Industry
Version Control, also referred to as Source Control Management (SCM), Software Version Management, or a variety of other acronyms, is a crucial part of  ...
Ubuntu Server Guide - Version Control System - Linux - About.com
But the usefulness of version control software extends far beyond the bounds of the software development world. Anywhere you can find people using ...
Best Engineering Document Management Software Packages
It allows for full metadata configuration of custom fields, check in/out of document by users, version control and audit trails to keep track of who did what, and ...
Checking In/Out - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
In a Version Control System, files are checked in or out. Checking out a file means that the developer who has checked it out can make alterations to it then ...
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