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Using Variables in Ruby--Assign Information to a Variable - About.com
Learn how to use variables in Ruby, assign them information using the assignment operator and pass to a variable using the "puts" function.
Accessing Ruby Environment Variables - About.com
Ruby has direct access to environment variables via the ENV hash. Environment variables can be directly read or written to by using the index operator with a ...
Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
Global variables are defined and used like any other variable. To define them, simply assign a value to them and begin using them. But, as their name suggests,  ...
Using Variables in PHP (Reference Guide) - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Everything you've ever wanted to know about PHP variables in an easy to understand, free tutorial.
Using Variables from an External Source with Flash's loadVariables()
Before you can load an external file from Flash, you'll need to create the file first. I prefer to use .txt (text) files for basics, and usually set up my variables in ...
Using PHP Session Variables - Tutorial - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Using Session Variables. Now we are going to make a second page. We again will start with session_start() (we need this on every page) - and we will access ...
How to Declare and Initialize Variables in Java - About.com
The use of variables is key to any program. Learn how to declare ... for contact information. Man using computer in office - Richard Drury/Iconica/Getty Images.
Java Syntax - Declaring and Using Constants in Java - About.com
In declaring variables I showed that it's easy to assign a value to a int variable: Ads ... If you assign a variable to an object using the final keyword it means the ...
How to Navigate Using Environment Variables in Windows - Antivirus
Common Windows environment variables for navigating via the Start | Run dialog in Windows.
Declaring Variables in Visual Basic .NET - About.com
Read this Quick Tip to understand more about how to declare variables. ... Note: To test this using Visual Studio, which is not a command line environment, set ...
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