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Using Variables in Ruby--Assign Information to a Variable - About.com
Learn how to use variables in Ruby, assign them information using the assignment operator and pass to a variable using the "puts" function.
Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
Global Variables are variables that may be accessed from anywhere in the program regardless of scope. They're denoted by beginning with a $ (dollar sign)  ...
Accessing Ruby Environment Variables - About.com
Ruby has direct access to environment variables via the ENV hash. Environment variables can be directly read or written to by using the index operator with a ...
Using Variables in PHP (Reference Guide) - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Everything you've ever wanted to know about PHP variables in an easy to understand, free tutorial.
How to Declare and Initialize Variables in Java - About.com
A variable is a container that holds values that are used in a Java program. To be able to use a variable it needs to be declared. Declaring variables is normally ...
Everything You Need to Know About Variables - Ruby - About.com
Ruby maintains tables of known variables and their values for each lexical scope and instance referred to as bindings. Once you start using a variable, Ruby ...
Defining Variables - JavaScript - About.com
Introduction. In this tutorial we will build on what we learned with our first script by creating a variable and displaying the value of that on our web page instead of ...
Instance Variables in Ruby - About.com
Instance variables are some of the most common and important variables types in Ruby. They begin with the at sign (@) and allow objects to track their internal ...
Variables - Ruby - About.com
What are Variables and how to use Variables in Ruby.
Using PHP Session Variables - Tutorial - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Once you have set a variable in a PHP session, this tutorial tells you how to retrieve it.
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