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How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
Loops, including while and include loops, are one of the most commonly used constructs in computer programs.
Loops - Ruby - About.com
Ruby has more to offer than the typical 'for' and 'while' type loops. It even has more to offer than generics-style container iterators. Ruby has a very diverse and  ...
The WHILE Loop - JavaScript - About.com
Introduction. Even easier to use than the for loop is the while loop. A while loop doesn't initialize or increment any fields automatically as part of the command, ...
until loop - Beginning Perl Tutorial, Control Structures - Perl
Perl until loop tutorial - Control structures in Perl, learn how to use an until loop.
WHILE Loops - Python - Learn Python - About.com
while : That's it. As long as the condition is met, the action is taken. For example: a = 6 while a > 5: print a a = a - 1. This loop ...
do until loop - Beginning Perl Tutorial, Control Structures - Perl
Perl's do .. until loop is almost exactly the same as the until loop with one crucial difference - the code is executed before the expression is evaluated. It is used to  ...
PHP While () Loop Tutorial - Intro to Loops in PHP - PHP/MySQL
Learn to use the three types of loops - WHILE, FOR, and FOREACH loops in PHP programing to process data.
Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming - About.com
The loop is a common element in all programming languages. Delphi has three control structures that execute blocks of code repeatedly: for, repeat ... until and ...
How to write bash WHILE-loops - Linux - About.com
Instructions and examples for writing WHILE-loops in a bash shell.
Structured Programming Looping - JavaScript - About.com
This control variable in then incremented (or decremented) by a specified amount each time around the loop until a specified terminating value is reached at ...
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