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What Is Unicode and How Is It Used? - Java - About.com
Learn about the Unicode standard, a global way to encode the characters that computers use.
Unicode - Email Glossary Definition - About Email
Definition: Unicode is a way to represent characters and symbols in computers with support for most of the world's writing systems (including African, Arabic, ...
JavaScript and Unicode - About.com
JavaScript can work with unicode as well as ASCII.
Understanding Unicode Support in Delphi - About.com
Unicode is a character encoding scheme that allows virtually all alphabets to be encoded into a single character set. Unicode "enabled" applications can use ...
Go to Unicode Search in Windows Character Map
If you know the Unicode for a character, go directly to it.
Outputting Unicode with Python
A Unicode string is not good for much unless you can do something with it -- like printing it. Here is how to print Unicode strings with Python.
ASCII and Unicode - JavaScript - About.com
Regular Expressions and specifying any ASCII or Unicode character.
How to Work with Unicode in Python
Python requires two things to handle Unicode strings: define the string as Unicode and declare the type of encoding for the Unicode.
Group by Unicode Subrange in Windows Character Map
Unicode Subrange is a nice way to see what characters a font contains without getting lost scrolling through the full character set.
Unicode - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Unicode is a comprehensive way of defining characters electronically for compatability throughout the world. It has to deal with the fact that much software still ...
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