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Turbolinks Default in Rails 4 - Ruby - About.com
Turbolinks will be the default in Rails 4.0. The first thing that you have to know is that HTTP requests for a new page can be twice or even three times as fast.
What's New in Rails 4? - Ruby - About.com
A controversial change to Rails is the turbolink. By default, Rails will no longer generate any normal HTTP links, everything is done with Javascript. The initial ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming possibilities of the web framework Ruby on Rails.
The Mechanize 2.0 Handbook - Ruby - About.com
... Arbitrary Tags, AKA "Scraping" · The Mechanize Agent · Spotlight on Gems: Nokogiri · Cookies only your web browser eats · Turbolinks Default in Rails 4 ...

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