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Learn the Ruby Programming Language
This site will teach you the Ruby programming language. We'll teach you with simple, step-by-step tutorials so you can follow along.
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
What type of language is the Ruby programming language?
5 Must Know Features of the Ruby Language - About.com
If you're going to program in the Ruby language, there are some basic features you absolutely must know. Here are the Top 5.
4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language - About.com
You may prefer to use Perl, Java, Python or PHP, but do you know how Ruby compares to your programming language? In function and form, features and ...
What is Ruby? - About.com
Ruby is a programming language. You'll often see a number of buzzwords accompany the "programming language" phrase, but those will often impose ...
Practical Ruby - About.com
Daily Uses of the Ruby Programming Language. Once you have a good handle on the basic features and methods of Ruby, it's time to start using it in your daily ...
How Does Ruby Compare to the Java Programming Language?
Ruby and the Java programming language have a lot in common, beginning with the fact that they both follow some of the same object-oriented principles.
How Does Ruby Compare to Perl? - About.com
Unlike Perl, Ruby was designed as an object-oriented language. While it does incorporate some non-object oriented features, they were included because they  ...
Cloud Computing and Ruby - About.com
Why are Ruby and cloud computing a good match? Basically: why Ruby? : Ruby is currently the best of the dynamic languages. It is 100% object oriented.
Is Ruby a Good First Language to Learn? - About.com
I started on BASIC, I then went on to learn C, C++, Python and a whole host of languages, so I came to Ruby after already having learned so many other ...
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