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Test Driven Development in Ruby -- Writing Code - About.com
The TestNameParser class is a child class of Test::Unit::TestCase. Each of the methods in TestNameParser beginning with test_ is a test to be run. When the ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: Basic Assertions - Ruby - About.com
This article is part of a series, for more information see Unit Testing with MiniTest. Minitest is the replacement for Test::Unit as of Ruby 1.9.x. While you may ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Unit Tests in TDD with Rails
All of your tests reside in the test directory, while the unit tests reside in the test/ unit directory. Exploring this directory, you'll find it empty at first. This directory will  ...
Unit Testing with MiniTest - Ruby - About.com
While the earlier versions had the perfectly fine unit testing framework Test::Unit built right in, Ruby 1.9.x and up come with MiniTest as part of the standard ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Assertions - About.com
The Test::Unit library comes with a variety of assertions to make writing tests much easier. Learn what the assertions are for Test-Driven Development and when ...
Simple Code Metrics - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby require 'simplecov' SimpleCov.start require 'test/unit' require './ dice' class TestDieClass < Test::Unit::TestCase def test_die_creation die ...
Say What? Making Sense of Common Terms in Test-Driven ...
There's a lot of jargon thrown around when you talk about Test Driven Development. Here's a list of common terms used in TDD (and specifically in Test ::Unit) ...
Test-Driven Development - Ruby - About.com
There's a lot of technical terminology surrounding Test Driven Development. Here's a glossary of common terms used in TDD (and specifically in Test::Unit) that ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: Specs - Ruby - About.com
This article is part of a series, for more information see Unit Testing with MiniTest. The interface thus far is more or less a clone of the old Test::Unit classes.
How To Lay Out a Meter Square Unit
a simple how to on laying out a 1x1 meter test unit, from your about.com guide.
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