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Unit Testing with Minitest: Basic Assertions - Ruby - About.com
This article is part of a series, for more information see Unit Testing with MiniTest. Minitest is the replacement for Test::Unit as of Ruby 1.9.x. While you may ...
Running Test::Units Rake Task - Ruby - About.com
Learn the basics of writing and running unit tests for test driven development in Rails.
Test Driven Development in Ruby -- Writing Code - About.com
This is also the first look at a test case. The TestNameParser class is a child class of Test::Unit::TestCase. Each of the methods in TestNameParser beginning ...
Units of Measurement Quiz - Test Your Knowledge of the Units of ...
Test your knowledge of the basic units of measurement with this fun multiple choice quiz.
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Assertions - About.com
The Test::Unit library comes with a variety of assertions to make writing tests much easier. Learn what the assertions are for Test-Driven Development and when ...
Unit Testing with MiniTest - Ruby - About.com
While the earlier versions had the perfectly fine unit testing framework Test::Unit built right in, Ruby 1.9.x and up come with MiniTest as part of the standard ...
Unit Conversions Test Questions - Chemistry - About.com
This is a collection of ten chemistry test questions with answers dealing with unit conversions.
Unit Testing with Minitest: Specs - Ruby - About.com
This article is part of a series, for more information see Unit Testing with MiniTest. The interface thus far is more or less a clone of the old Test::Unit classes.
Simple Code Metrics - Ruby - About.com
Writing tests is hard. OK, writing tests is easy, but writing good tests is hard. A set of unit tests will test each and every branch of every conditional in your code.
Units and Conversions Quizzes - Quizzes and Self-Tests for Units ...
This is a collection of quizzes and self-tests concerning units and conversions. Topics include measurements, metric-to-metric conversions, conversions ...
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