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Test-Driven Development - Ruby - About.com
Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an important part of the Ruby ecosystem and doing things "the Ruby way." Going hand in hand with Agile development ...
What is Test-Driven Development in Ruby? - About.com
You may have heard of Test-Driven Development, but what does it really mean? Learn the reasons for using TDD and the features of it.
Test Driven Development in Ruby -- Writing Code - About.com
Learn to start writing Ruby code using Test-Driven Development.
Making Sense of Common Terms in Test-Driven Development
There's a lot of jargon thrown around when you talk about Test Driven Development. Here's a list of common terms used in TDD (and specifically in Test ::Unit) ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Unit Tests in TDD with Rails
Learn the basics of writing and running unit tests for test driven development in Rails.
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Test Suites - About.com
Ideally in Test Driven Development, you should have one or more test cases for every class, with each test case having its own file. However, this can quickly ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby--The Tests - About.com
Making tests pass in Test-Driven Development is the whole point. So how do you make that happen?
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Assertions - About.com
The Test::Unit library comes with a variety of assertions to make writing tests much easier. Learn what the assertions are for Test-Driven Development and when ...
Unit Testing with MiniTest - Ruby - About.com
Test-driven development is an agile development methodology where unit tests become first class citizens, and in fact drive development of the system. Instead ...
Agile Development - Ruby - About.com
The principles of Agile Development and how agile applies to Ruby on Rails. ... Test-driven Development: Rails provides an extensive unit and functional test ...
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