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Test Driven Development in Ruby--Unit Tests in TDD with Rails
Learn the basics of writing and running unit tests for test driven development in Rails.
What is Test-Driven Development in Ruby? - About.com
You may have heard of Test-Driven Development, but what does it really mean? Learn the reasons for using TDD and the features of it.
Test Driven Development in Ruby -- Writing Code - About.com
... the class should infer that the first name is John and last name is Smith. With TDD, before you even think of how that should be implemented, you'll write a test.
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) Products
A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is any of several electronic devices used to send text messages over telephone lines. People who are deaf,  ...
TDD enabled - Smartphones - About.com
TDD enabled and Cellular Phones: learn more. ... TDD enabled. Next - TDD enabled. See Also: • 6 shopping questions • Smallest Phones Around • 5 steps to  ...
Innovations for the Hearing Impaired - TDD Telecommunications ...
TDD stands for "Telecommunications Device for the Deaf". Deaf orthodontist Doctor James C Marsters of Pasadena, California shipped a teletype machine to  ...
Test-Driven Development - Ruby - About.com
Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an important part of the Ruby ecosystem and doing things "the Ruby way." Going hand in hand with Agile development ...
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Assertions - About.com
The Test::Unit library comes with a variety of assertions to make writing tests much easier. Learn what the assertions are for Test-Driven Development and when ...
FaceTime is Videophone Option for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
... Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing · Telecommunications Device for the Deaf ( TDD) Products; FaceTime is Popular Video Phone Option for Deaf Callers.
Telephone Typewriters for the Deaf - History of the TTY - Deafness
A history of the TTY (or TDD) for the deaf and hard of hearing.
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