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Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
String manipulation using the split method in Ruby. Split strings into a list of substrings.
Substitutions Using Regular Expressions - Ruby - About.com
A more powerful interface for string manipulation is regular expression substitutions. This method is the most flexible as it can apply to any string. When using the ...
Substrings - Ruby - About.com
String manipulation calls for the ability to read or change parts of a String variable , not all of it. Ruby accomplishes this with the String's index operator and a ...
Perl String Manipulation - About Perl
Perl is great at string manipulation. Here are a few things you can do with a Perl string.
Java Syntax: Manipulating Strings - About.com
A few of the String methods for String manipulation are based on the character index of a String . The index is basically the position of each character within the  ...
String handling routines - Delphi Programming - About.com
String handling routines: rtl reference cr lf delphi programming dynamic array case sensitivity.
JavaScript By Example - Objects: String
Simiilar to the way the Number oblect provides methods for number manipulation , the String object provides methods for string manipulation. As with numbers ...
Pos function - Delphi - About.com
string handling routines ... Returns an integer specifying the position of the first occurrence of one string within another. ... delphi rtl routines · string manipulation.
String Advanced Method Reference - JavaScript - About.com
What string methods were added in Javascript 1.2: sans serif font manipulation methods string manipulation ascii code javascript string.
Filter Function - String Processing in VB.NET
So there is a lot of useful string processing built into VB.NET. ... Amazing Splits - This is an oldie, but a goodie about one of the string manipulation functions. Ads.
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