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Using Logger Library: How to Write Log Files in Ruby - About.com
Ruby comes with a number of useful classes and libraries called the standard library. Among these is the logger library, which provides prioritized and rotated ...
The Python Standard Library - About Python
This page offers an overview of the most commonly used modules from the Python Standard Library. It is not intended as a replacement for the documentation.
The Python Library - Standard Library of Python - About.com
This is an overview of the major modules from the Python Standard Library and other major Python repositories.
Importing Modules From the Python Library - About.com
Modules are pieces of Python code that you import into your programs. When taken from the Python Standard Library, these are boiler-plate functions that are ...
C++: about bitset, c standard library, standard c library - AllExperts
Mar 6, 2006 ... c standard library, standard c library, standard template library: 1/ bitset is the name of the header file you have to include to use std::bitset.
GEDCOM 101 - Tags Supported in the GEDCOM 5.5 Standard
... in your favorite word processor, here are the tags supported by the GEDCOM 5.5 standard. ..... URL: http://genealogy.about.com/library/weekly/aa110100d.htm
C++: inserting bitset into set, c standard library, bitset - AllExperts
Oct 12, 2006 ... c standard library, bitset, default operation: The C++ standard library associative collection types, such as std::set and std::map, are sorted ...
library - Linux Command - Unix Command
... auto_reset, tcl_findLibrary, parray, tcl_endOfWord, tcl_startOfNextWord, tcl_startOfPreviousWord, tcl_wordBreakAfter, tcl_wordBreakBefore - standard library ...
The Daily Crossword Puzzle Index - standard American ... - Puzzles
The daily crossword puzzle. Free crossword puzzles to solve courtesy of About Puzzles.
A Library of Software written in C with full source code. - C/C++/C
The C library holds full source code from example articles, reader submitted code and any code that is in the public domain as well as offsite links to useful ...
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