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Turning Images Into Sprites - Ruby - About.com
... player's ship in Space Invaders or Pac-man in any of the Pac-man games. Backgrounds usually remain static, while sprites can move around and be animated.
Loading and Displaying Your Sprite - Ruby - About.com
Now that you know how to load and display a background image in Rubygame, it's time to move onto other graphics, like sprites. A sprite is a smaller graphic ...
Loading and Displaying Images in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
When sprites are displayed by Gosu, if the sprite is scaled the edges can be " blurry," a product of the scaling used by the graphics card. This is usually a good  ...
Sprites: Upper Atmospheric Lightning - Geology - About.com
Since 1990 there's been an explosion of interest in these glows and flashes in the high sky. They bear whimsical names like sprites, elves, gnomes and more.
The Biltmore Sprites - Phoenix - About.com
Much like the Phoenix bird which rose from its own ashes, the Sprites of Midway Gardens were resurrected from their demise and given to the Arizona Biltmore ...
CSS Sprites - Create a Button Bar with CSS Sprites
A CSS sprite takes a large image and splits it into multiple smaller images for display. CSS sprites are useful because they allow you to store all your navigation ...
CSS Sprites - Then Position Your Rollover CSS Sprites
You need to put the rollovers in as well, so that your sprites change when you hover over them. Page 6.
CSS Sprites - Web Design/HTML - About.com
CSS sprites use one image with a lot of smaller images on it.
CSS Sprites - CSS Sprites Start with a Plain Marked Up HTML List
When you're working with CSS sprites, you need clean, well marked up HTML. Since this example is creating a navigation bar, I am using an unordered list.
CSS Sprites - Position Your Button CSS Sprites - Web Design/HTML
Position Your Button CSS Sprites. As you recall from the initial HTML, each LI has a unique id. This allows you to give each LI a different position on the page as ...
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