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How Can I Use a Spinner Method in Ruby? - About.com
For Ruby programs that require long wait times, a spinner can be a good addition . ... ruby-progressbar Gem · A short introduction to methods in Ruby - Beginning ...
Flounder Fishing Tips and Methods that Work - Saltwater Fishing
Flounder fishing tips, baits and rigs that work for catching flounder - Flounder methods and fishing tips.
Spinnerbait Tactics - 14 Ways to Fish a Spinnerbait
To maintain depth at trolling speeds, clip on smaller, narrower spinner blades, or increase weight by clamping a rubber-core, lead sinker onto the frame (in front ...
The Intentional Spinner - Knitting - About.com
The Intentional Spinner seeks to explore "the nature of fibers" so that yarn ... woolen spinning and yarn preparation methods and the qualities of the final yarn,  ...
Medieval Methods for Spinning Yarn and Making Fabric
Wool was turned into cloth in the thriving wool production trade, in home-based cottage industry, and in private households for family use. Methods could vary ...
How to Wash Baby Salad Greens - Small Farms - About.com
There are a number of strategies and methods you can choose from, so learn all you can ... Another option is to purchase a large, hand-cranked salad spinner.
Spring Crappie - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Apr 10, 2000 ... Steve Kannes makes an in-line spinner that works great for spring crappie. ... See More About. crappie fishing · fishing methods · fishing tackle.
Worsted & Worsted Spun Yarn in Knitting / Spinning - About.com
If you're a spinner, worsted refers to both a means of preparing fiber to be spun and ... worsted is the opposite of woolen yarn preparation and spinning methods.
Jacks Are Wild - Freshwater Fishing - 07/26/99
Jul 25, 1999 ... I was throwing a small spinner for bream and bass when something hit it and ... Try these methods to catch some while increasing your comfort.
Lake of the Woods - Summer Walleye - Freshwater Fishing
May 25, 1998 ... Furthermore, with these methods, I can work shallow, medium and deep. ... a cold front has passed through, I'll downsize my spinner and work ...
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