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Spinnerbait Tactics - 14 Ways to Fish a Spinnerbait
In general, the warmer the water, the faster my retrieve, while in colder months my lure creeps along like a crayfish, but any of these techniques may pay off for ...
Fishing: tying spinnerbaits, overhand knot, spinner bait - AllExperts
May 19, 2006 ... First there are many ways of tieing a lure to a line, whether it be a spinner bait or some other lure the method is pretty much the same.
Slinging Spinnerbaits - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Let me know how you do, or tell me your favorite spinnerbait methods and stories . Send me a "Fishtale" about it at fishing@aboutguide.com. and I may use it in ...
The Intentional Spinner - Knitting - About.com
The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie McCuin. ... The rest of the book covers a variety of spinning techniques, beginning with the most basic worsted and ...
Night Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Freshwater Fishing
Color Considerations -- Darker color baits create more contrast against the night sky and are easier for upward-looking bass to spot. Blue is the last color to ...
Spring Crappie - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Apr 10, 2000 ... Steve Kannes makes an in-line spinner that works great for spring ... like a glove" when using the following techniques to catch spring crappies.
Top Eight Best Lures for Bass Fishing
Tail Spinners. Tail Spinners - When bass are deep a tail spinner is an excellent way to catch them. Little George lures made ... Fish to Be Released? Techniques  ...
Bowling - Common Techniques and Styles
Common Bowling Techniques and Styles. By Jef Goodger. Bowling ... Bowlers who rotate the ball on a vertical axis are called spinners. More . Mika Koivuniemi ...
How to Spin Your Own Yarn - Resources - Knitting - About.com
It includes information on how to spin, projects to use your homespun yarn, techniques to make you a better spinner and more. The online community features ...
How to Cope With Fishing Muddy Water - Freshwater Fishing
Lure Basics: It's Not Magic · New Anglers · chnk059.jpg - Photo Ken Schultz · To Net or Not To Net? And What's Best for a Fish to Be Released? Techniques ...
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