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Spinnerbait Tactics - 14 Ways to Fish a Spinnerbait
Joe H with Secret Weapon Lures shares 14 different ways to fish a spinnerbait.
Slinging Spinnerbaits - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Spinnerbaits catch a lot of bass and are versitile fishing lures. Here is a variety of ways I like to fish them.
A Tip For Landing Bass on Topwater Baits - Freshwater Fishing
Aug 17, 2004 ... Spinner Bait (Manufactured by many companies) A Spinnerbait is ... One of the most effective ways to work a spinnerbait is to use it as a "Top ...
Night Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Freshwater Fishing
Color Considerations -- Darker color baits create more contrast against the night sky and are easier for upward-looking bass to spot. Blue is the last color to ...
Spring Crappie - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Apr 10, 2000 ... Steve Kannes makes an in-line spinner that works great for spring ... like a glove" when using the following techniques to catch spring crappies.
Fishing: tying spinnerbaits, overhand knot, spinner bait - AllExperts
May 19, 2006 ... First there are many ways of tieing a lure to a line, whether it be a spinner bait or some other lure the method is pretty much the same.
Top Eight Best Lures for Bass Fishing
... actions in topwater baits and you can make them work in a huge number of ways. ... Tail Spinners - When bass are deep a tail spinner is an excellent way to  ...
How to Cope With Fishing Muddy Water - Freshwater Fishing
New Anglers · Equipment & Accessories · Basic Skills · Techniques · Species ... Q&As · Equipment (Tackle) · Skills & Techniques · Species · Updated Articles and  ...
Lake of the Woods - Summer Walleye - Freshwater Fishing
May 25, 1998 ... Furthermore, with these methods, I can work shallow, medium and ... to cover water, but adds an extra trigger to the already lethal spinner rig.
More Summer Fishing Tactics - Summer Fishing Tips
"If I simply want to catch fish in summer, I'm pulling my little spinner rigs," says veteran guide Tony Roach. Growing up with a family of mega-talented anglers, ...
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