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Special Characters & Escape Sequences - Ruby - About.com
Aside from the basic regular expression operators such as groupings and quantifiers, there are some other special characters and escape sequences ...
HTML Codes - Special Characters - ASCII Table - Web Design/HTML
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your web pages.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Punctuation and Other ...
HTML codes to put Punctuation characters on your Web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for German - ASCII Table ...
HTML codes to put German characters on your Web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for French - ASCII Table - French ...
HTML codes to put French characters on your Web page.
How to Use Special Characters in HTML - Web Design/HTML
Learn how to use special characters in your Web pages to display more than just what's on the keyboard. HTML codes allow you to put non-standard characters ...
How to Use HTML Codes for Special Characters - Web Design/HTML
It's easy to include special characters in your web pages, even if the characters aren't on your keyboard layout. Simply use Unicode and HTML character entity ...
ASCII HTML Codes - HTML Special Characters in the ASCII Set
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your Web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian ...
HTML codes to put Czech and Slovenian characters on your Web page.
XML Tutorial: Attributes and Special Characters - Web Design/HTML
The final leg in the journey in Understanding the Basic Rules of XML is attributes and special characters. An attribute in the language of XML works similar to ...
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