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Sorting Arrays - Ruby - About.com
Sorting was a preoccupation for computer scientists from early on. There were many algorithms that came into and fell out of use and still today new algorithms  ...
Laundry 101 - Sorting Laundry (Steps 1-4)
Sorting laundry involves a thorough check for stains, repairs, pocket contents, and proper care instructions. If you sort the right way, the laundry process is a ...
Excel Sorting Tutorials - Spreadsheets - About.com
These tutorials cover a simple sort, sorting by multiple columns, sorting by date, and sorting by cell or font color. Step by step examples are included with each ...
Lesson Plan: Snacks Sorting and Counting
Kindergarteners will use food to learn how to sort and count quantities.
Cleaning & Sorting Coffee - Coffee/Tea - About.com
Most coffee beans go through a rigorous process of cleaning and sorting. This process includes sorting by density, size and color. Learn all about the machines  ...
Sorting Dirty Laundry - Make it a Family Affair - Housewares ...
Sorting dirty laundry is a big part of caring for your clothing and ensuring washing delivers good results. But why do we designate that all important prep work to ...
Sorting Tips for Packing and Moving Your Things - About.com
Make note of these spaces to ensure you have enough time to go through them; if you leave sorting to the last minute, you'll find that you're packing up ...
6 Ways to Sort Data in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Six ways to sort data values in Excel - includes quick sorts on one column, sorting by date or time, multi-column sorts, and sorting by custom lists.
Patterns and Sorting Teaching Activities for Children
When kids think about sorting, they think about putting things into piles based on the most visible characteristic they have in common, but if you help your child to ...
Excel Sort - How to Sort Information in Microsoft Excel Video
Sorting Alphabetically in Excel. I want to view the list by last names, so I'll look for my column for last names, Column B. I want to start at the end of the alphabet ...
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