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Object Specific Behavior - Ruby - About.com
All Ruby method call lookups follow the ancestor chain. However, there are object-specific mixin modules and invisible classes called Singleton Classes that  ...
Class Variables - Ruby - About.com
This can be seen as a fluke, an artifact of how Ruby implements classes. ... In other words, we must access the singleton class for the class object we're creating ...
Designing Classes - Singleton design pattern
The main idea behind the Singleton design pattern is to make sure that your code always works with the same instance of an object. If you need more on classes ...
Designing Classes - The Delegation design pattern - The General ...
Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern · A Real World Example of the Delegation Design Pattern - Part 3 of 3 · Inheritance - A Contrast with the ...
Design Patterns in Delphi - About.com
The following design patterns are covered: Singleton, Template Method, ... such as linked lists and hash tables that can be encoded in classes and reused as is.
JavaScript By Example - Object Oriented: Singleton Objects
Since JavaScript doesn't use classes we need to define singletons a little ... A singleton in an object oriented language is where you have only have one object  ...
Using Shared Access in Visual Basic .NET - About.com
... "Shared") versus Dynamic Types in VB.NET · "Static" (that is, "Shared") versus Dynamic Types in VB.NET · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern ...
Shared Variables in VB.NET - Visual Basic - About.com
... with "object oriented programming" (OOP) and how classes are "instantiated" ... Versus Class Properties · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern ...
The VB.NET Form as a Class - Visual Basic - About.com
... Multiple Form Instantiation in VB.NET · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern · Shared Events in VB.NET · The New Constructor and Inheritance ...
Public Class Variables versus Properties in VB.NET - Visual Basic
... and the With Keyword · The VB.NET Form as a Class · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern · Shared Events in VB.NET · Coding New Instances  ...
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