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Class Variables - Ruby - About.com
In other words, we must access the singleton class for the class object we're creating by defining the class. This can be tough to wrap your mind around but if all ...
Object Specific Behavior - Ruby - About.com
All Ruby method call lookups follow the ancestor chain. However, there are object-specific mixin modules and invisible classes called Singleton Classes that  ...
Designing Classes - Singleton design pattern - About Visual Basic
The main idea behind the Singleton design pattern is to make sure that your code always works with the same instance of an object. If you need more on classes ...
JavaScript By Example - Object Oriented: Singleton Objects
Since JavaScript doesn't use classes we need to define singletons a little differently from other languages. Let's look at it as when creating multiple objects from ...
Design Patterns in Delphi - About.com
The following design patterns are covered: Singleton, Template Method, Strategy , Observer ... A singleton is a class that supports the creation of just one object.
Singletons - JavaScript - About.com
Since we can use objects in place of classes in JavaScript, what you probably want to happen regarding creating a singleton it to be able to use multiple ...
MustInherit and NotInheritable in VB.NET - About Visual Basic
Page 2 - A Working Example of Class Inheritance ... ReadLine() End Sub End Module Public Class BossTheCompany Inherits BossClass Public Sub New( ByVal ...
Designing Classes - The Delegation design pattern - The General ...
Since the definitions of Class "A" and Class "B" are where the tasks are coded, ... Event in an Inherited Class · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern ...
About Visual Basic
The article also features some interesting code details with inherited classes and objects on the heap. ... Designing Classes - The Singleton Design Pattern.
Visual Basic Design Patterns - About Visual Basic
How to structure code for particular goals such as adding new classes at runtime. ... Simple Knits with Icelandic Style · Designing Classes - The Singleton Design ...
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