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What is Sinatra? - Ruby - About.com
Sinatra is a web framework. Simply put, it's a library that allows you to write web applications with a minimum of red tape.
Using Sinatra in Ruby - Introduction - About.com
In the previous article in this series of articles, we talked about what Sinatra is. In this article, we'll look at some real functional Sinatra code, touching on a few ...
Using Haml with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
How to use Haml to create Sinatra views and layouts.
Creating Database-driven Apps with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
Finally, it's all coming together. Having read the previous articles in this series, you're now able to do the following. Create basic applications with Sinatra ...
Sinatra URL Matching - Ruby - About.com
How do do various types of URL matching in Sinatra.
Riding Shotgun with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
There's one very annoying thing though: Sinatra does not reload its code whenever you make a change. If you make a change, you have to stop and restart the ...
Frank Sinatra Biography - Artist Profile of Jazz Singer Frank Sinatra
The son of a fireman and a political organizer, jazz singer Frank Sinatra grew up in New Jersey, where he taught himself to sing. He had a lot of time on his ...
Frank Sinatra - Biography - 20th Century History - About.com
Frank Sinatra was one of the most famous singers of the 20th century and became an extremely popular movie actor as well. Learn more about Sinatra the man ...
Frank Sinatra Mug Shot
This famous mugshot of Frank Sinatra was taken after his arrest for seduction and adultery.
Sinatra Web Applications in JRuby - About.com
Now that we have a solid foundation in dealing with the Win32 API, we can start building the frontend using Sinatra and Haml.
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