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SimpleCov - Simple Code Coverage in Ruby - About.com
Code coverage tools like SimpleCov give you an overview of how many lines of code your tests cover, and which lines are and are not covered. Code coverage ...
Simple Code Metrics in Ruby with SimpleCov - About.com
For more information, see Code Coverage with SimpleCov. Code coverage is the measure of the total percentage of lines reached by the Ruby interpreter when ...
Keeping Organized in SimpleCov - Ruby - About.com
For more information, see Code Coverage with SimpleCov. In the previous article , we looked at the very basics of SimpleCov, a code coverage library. In this ...
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Keeping Organized in SimpleCov · Sinatra Web Applications in JRuby · Step 4: Working on the Views · A Full Featured Blog · extconf.rb:1:in `require': no such ...
Tips and Tricks - Ruby - About.com
For more information, see Code Coverage with SimpleCov. The following are smaller tidbits I found useful, but didn't warrant a complete article by themselves,  ...
RubyGems - About.com
1 Subcategories in RubyGems. SimpleCov (4). 29 Articles in: RubyGems. Spotlight on Gems: Prawn · Prawn is a pure-Ruby library for generating PDF files.
Test Driven Development in Ruby--Unit Tests in TDD with Rails
A Quick Tour of a Rails Project · Keeping Organized in SimpleCov · Step 4: Working on the Views · The Top 5 Typing Speed Tests to Increase Your WPM · Step ...

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