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Serialization in Ruby: YAML - About.com
YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) is perhaps the most common form of serialization in Ruby applications. It's used for configuration files in Rails and other ...
Serialization in Ruby: Marshal - About.com
Serializing an object is to convert an object to a byte stream and either store that object for future loading, or sending to another program to be loaded there.
Custom Serialization - Ruby - About.com
Custom Serialization. Before objects are marshaled, and after they've been loaded, Ruby will attempt to call marshal_dump and marshal_load on that object.
Serialize in Visual Basic - About.com
In addition to straight-on serialization to a file, this article also shows you how to implement custom serialization where the serializing class does custom ...
DataGridView and Binary Serialization for Simple Lists - Visual Basic
This article shows how to use DataGridView and binary file serialization to maintain a simple list of items in a file in just a few lines of code.
Java: How to do serialization in java?, java serialization, code ...
Aug 15, 2004 ... java serialization, code fragment, serializable java: Izzzz - Okay, these are simple questions. 1/ myLinkedList is null, why is buffer.length equal ...
Shallow Copy Versus Deep Copy in VB.NET
The easiest (not always the best) way to make a deep copy is the "serialization" method. (The two classes, OriginalObject and ComplexObject have to be marked  ...
Serialize / Stream (Read/Write) Configuration Settings - Delphi
Learn how to save published properties of a class into a stream / file (binary serialization) and read back. Use it to store application specific configuration data .
Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express - Using Data and Serializing From ...
The bottom line of nearly all programs is data and part 7 of the VB Express 2010 tutorial introduces the VB.NET technologies to work with it. Serialization is one ...
C#: Font Serialization, filestream c, font object - AllExperts
Apr 25, 2005 ... filestream c, font object, myfont: hi Try this using System; using System.Drawing; using System.IO; using System.Runtime.Serialization; using ...
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