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Scripting - Ruby - About.com
Scripting. This article is part of the series Making Text Adventure Games in Ruby. The example code for this article can be downloaded here. Thus far, our ...
XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails
There are two huge vulnerabilities in all web applications and web sites, and those are XSS and CSRF. What is this alphabet soup? XSS is cross-site scripting,  ...
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Ruby is unique among object-oriented scripting languages. In a sense, it's a purist's language for those who love object-oriented languages. Everything, without ...
Server Side Scripting - Definition - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Definition: Server side scripting means that all of the code is executed on the server before the data is passed to the user's browser. In the case of PHP this ...
How To Disable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer - Web Browsers
A step-by-step tutorial on how to disable Active Scripting in the Internet Explorer Web browser.
Step-by-Step: Disable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer - Security
A step-by-step guide, with screenshots for visual aid, for disabling active scripting in the Internet Explorer web browser. Turning off ActiveX can protect your ...
Definition of script in Web Design
Scripts are used in web design to create dynamic pages and DHTML. The most commonly used scripting language in web design is JavaScript, but many ...
Sound Scripting - Word Stress and Intonation
Sound scripting provides English learners with the tools to understand word stress and intonation to deliver effective presentations.
Scripting - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Definition: Scripting is just a more modern term for interpreting. Many webservers use Scripted languages like PHP or VBScript. Most Web browsers have a ...
Action Scripting Basics - Inserting a Simple Stop
The stop command is most likely the most basic of all action script commands, and the most essential. A stop is basically an instruction in the ActionScript ...
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