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Change the File Format Your Mac Uses to Save Screenshots
Taking screenshots on your Mac is pretty darn easy, but changing the file format for images captured requires a trip to Terminal and the commands we outline in ...
Capturing Screenshots of Individual Elements on a Mac
Capturing Screenshots of Individual Elements: There's a screenshot keyboard combo that's often overlooked, yet it's by far the most powerful. This keyboard ...
Capturing Snapchat Screenshots - Trends - About.com
Wondering how easy it is to take a Snapchat screenshot? Snapchat has become a popular instant messenger app among mostly teens and young adults, which ...
How to Take An iPhone Screenshot - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Jan 21, 2015 ... Taking screenshots of your iPhone or iPod touch can be very useful. Screenshots can let you get a record of someone's words, test designs, ...
What Is a Screenshot and How to Take One - Graphics Software
A screenshot is a snapshot, or picture, of your computer screen. Learn what you need to know about taking screen shots in Windows, Mac, and iOS.
How to Take Screen Shots With Windows - About.com
... How to Take a Screenshot and Email It (Windows) · The Quickest Way to Take Screenshots in Windows · Create and Use Screenshots in Microsoft Office ...
How to Take Screenshots With an iPad - Tutorial - Portable Electronics
Like the "Print Screen" function on a PC? Well, you can do that on the iPad, too.
XP Screenshots: Capture and Save a Screenshot in Windows XP ...
Video:Capture and Save a Screenshot in Windows XP. with Don Schechter. Learn how to capture a screen shot of your desktop, an active window, a Website,  ...
How To Take Screenshots on a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
Ever since I learned about the “Print Screen” function on Windows, I've been a big fan of taking screenshots. And if you're a BlackBerry PlayBook owner, then ...
How to Take a Screen Shot in Windows
How To Capture a Screen Shot in Windows. Windows Screenshots: The Mystery of the PrtScn Key Revealed. By Sue Chastain · Graphics Software Expert.
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