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Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial Live Lessons - About.com
The Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial by Michael Hartl is the antithesis of the rapid screencast approach. In the tutorial, the reader is walked through how to use Rails ...
Rails for Zombies - Ruby - About.com
Rails is famous for screencasts. And screencasts are great, but their interactivity is limited to alt-tabbing and following along on your own computer. It's been ...
How to Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Open Source - About.com
In this how-to we will use VLC to encode a live feed of your own desktop. This type of video is called a "screencast." Why would you want to make a screencast?
Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Download VLC - Open Source
There are two ways to setup your screen capture: using the point-and-click VLC interface, or through a command line. The command line lets you specify more ...
Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Edit Your Screencast
Although it goes beyond the scope of this article, you can use video editing software to polish your screencast recording. Not all video editors can open mp4  ...
Drupal Video Tutorials - Use Screencasts to Learn Specific Tasks
When you're trying to accomplish a specific task in Drupal, a screencast can be the most effective Drupal video tutorial. You don't just hear the teacher ...
Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Select Destination File
Setting up VLC configuration to make a screencast (Step 2) - ... (Note that "AAC" refers to the audio format, but your screencast will not have any audio.) 4 of 7.
Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Launch VLC - Open Source
Launch VLC and select the menu "Media/Open Capture Device"
Capture a Screencast Using VLC - Using the Command-Line
You can choose more configuration options by creating a screencast using VLC on the command-line rather than the graphical interface. This approach requires  ...
Free Online Ruby Programming Classes - Distance Learning
Anyone can improve their skills by taking a free online Ruby programming class. Learn Ruby on Rails by checking out these top-rated tutorials, screencasts, and ...
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