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Review: RubyMine 5.0 - About.com
... been a Vim person. Just give me a good solid editor and I'll take it from there. But I decided to give RubyMine a good honest try, and here's what I think about it.
Step 1: Scaffolding Posts - Ruby - About.com
... of how to go about editing files and get around in a Rails project other than to say I'm using the excellent RubyMine IDE. I used to be a straight up Vim person, ...
RVM and 'sudo' - Ruby - About.com
RVM is great. However, there may be times where you must run Ruby scripts with RVM as root (or another user) via sudo.
North Carolina Gem Mining Adventures - Jewelry - About.com
Sign up. You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. sheffield ruby mine franklin nc -. Sheffield Ruby Mine, Franklin, NC ...
NameError: undefined local variable or method `a' for #
Solution: You've referred to a local variable that doesn't yet exist. In Ruby, you don't have to declare variables, but you have to assign something to them before  ...
Riding Shotgun with Sinatra - Ruby - About.com
Now that you can write controller logic and views and Haml, you can start putting together some more complex application. There's one very annoying thing ...
Introduction to Gemstones on the Web - Geology - About.com
One of Carly Wickell's favorites is the Sheffield Ruby Mine. But most mines are generally enriched—the old-fashioned term is salted—with extra stones.
40th Anniversary Celebration Suggestions and Ideas
... or the Ruby River in Utah, Ruby River in Washington State, Ruby Falls in Tennessee, the Ruby Golf Course in the Bahamas, or to a Ruby Mine in Cherokee, ...
SimpleCov - Simple Code Coverage in Ruby - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Simple Code Coverage in Ruby · What is Ruby on Rails? RubyMine 5.0. Ruby Essentials. The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby  ...
The Golden Triangle - Geography - About.com
It is reported that Khun Sa also received a concession from the Burmese government to operate a ruby mine and a transport company, which allowing him to live ...
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