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RubyGems - About.com
Learn how to install and update RubyGems and find out the uses and strengths of specific gems as they're examined in our Spotlight on Gems.
Spotlight on RubyGems: Builder - About.com
The Builder library is a Ruby Gem that uses a meta-language to generate HTML, XML or CSS markup.
Spotlight on RubyGems: Wirble - About.com
Spotlight on Gems: Wirble. The Wirble RubyGem is one of those little things that you don't know you want until you see it. The Wirble gem will add a splash of ...
Ruby (Programming): Add / Install Gems From Repository
On Linux or OS X, this means either getting a root terminal or using the sudo command to run RubyGems as root. The examples below will show how to do it with ...
25 Gem Commands for RubyGems - About.com
The gem command is one of the most used Ruby-related commands. This article shows 25 Gem Commands and their functions.
Spotlight on RubyGems: Chronic - About.com
Use the Chronic RubyGem as a language parser. It will create representations of date and time phrases as Ruby variables.
Using the Cheat RubyGem - About.com
Spotlight on RubyGems: Cheat. Using "cheat sheets". By Michael Morin · Ruby Expert .... Our Expert Recommends. Cheat Homepage · RubyGems Manual ...
Simple RSS RubyGem: Spotlight on Ruby Gems - About.com
Spotlight on RubyGems: The Simple-RSS RubyGem. Reading RSS Documents. By Michael Morin · Ruby Expert. Share this ...
Getting Started With Bundler for Ruby Gems - About.com
gem install bundler. Also, make sure you have the bundle command line program in your path. If you have Rubygems set up correctly, this should be working for ...
Spotlight on Gems: Geoip - Ruby - About.com
irb -rubygems -rgeoip irb(main):001:0> g = GeoIP.new('GeoIP.dat') ..snip.. irb( main):002:0> g.country 'ruby.about.com' => ["ruby.about.com", "",  ...
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