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Ruby Version Manager (RVM) - Installing Multiple Versions of Ruby
Ruby Version Manager (RVM) is a tool that allows you to install multiple versions of Ruby. It allows you to have multiple versions of the same interpreter, as well ...
What is RVM? - Ruby - About.com
RVM is the Ruby Version Manager. It allows you to install and manage several different versions and implementations of Ruby on one computer, including the ...
Installing RVM on Linux - Ruby - About.com
Installing the Ruby Version Manager (RVM) on Linux.
Using RVM Gemsets in Ruby - Easy Tutorial - About.com
One of the most powerful, useful and often overlooked features of RVM is the gemset. A gemset is a separate gem directory, so the gems in one gemset don't ...
Installing Ruby on Snow Leopard with RVM - About.com
OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" comes with both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby on Rails ... want to install your own with RVM, access to Ruby 1.9.2 being the most obvious.
Listing Known Rubies - Ruby - About.com
In RVM-speak, a "Ruby" is a version of Ruby either installed or it knows has to install. Before you can instally and Rubies, you first have to know which Rubies ...
RVM and 'sudo' - Ruby - About.com
RVM is great. However, there may be times where you must run Ruby scripts with RVM as root (or another user) via sudo.
Add RVM to Your Bash Environment - Ruby - About.com
Now that the RVM scripts are installed, you need to load them every time your start a new Bash session. This is achieved by adding a line to the end of your ...
Install RVM - Ruby - About.com
OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" comes with both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby on Rails 2.3.5 installed. But there ... Installing Ruby on Snow Leopard with RVM. By Michael ...
Installing Rubies - Ruby - About.com
Finally, you've installed RVM and gotten a list of Rubies, it's time to install a Ruby version. Once everything is set up, this is really quite easy. The only command ...
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